Nicht nur der Himmel
verlor sein Spiegelbild beim
Sprung in den Herbst-Teich.

(RLM, 04-07-31)

INTRO 06-08-31

Coming out of a new attitude:
PETER NIS – not just another fashion label.
PETER NIS – a symbol reminding you every day of the truly
important things in life: time. love. creativity. death. spirit.

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Some of my latest projects include:
- one animation and one slide show for «THE RETURN OF FAB. DUB CLUB»,
- Dub Club / DJ Whitemoon, St. Gallen
- Booklet Design with Children Songs (plus CD) design for the «Waldkindergarten»
- in St. Gallen

Dub Club at three o'clock in the morning (picture by «Tagblatt St. Gallen», © 2002)

If people would have more power, would there be the same wars going on in our world?

Lömme aka Rodschaaa (just another fallen angel)

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